The LOVING ME Challenge is designed to empower women through self-love as they embrace their Divine Sexiness.

In 21 days Coach Shakira will teach you how to IDENTIFY who you are, INTEGRATE your true identity into your story and CONSCIOUSLY INVITE your divine life, ultimately finding your right match, using the most loving and healthy part of yourself.


Women who are ready to “CONSCIOUSLY INVITE” their divine life by owning “DIVINELY SEXY!” as the truth of being. This woman is ready to own all of who she is…story and all and is preparing for the Healthy, Inspiring, Purposeful relationship she knows that she deserves.


Are you ready? Move into ACTION NOW!

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Order your copy of The Loving Me Challenge today! HERE. Then intentionally set aside 30 to 60 minutes every day for 21-days (3 weeks). This will be your time. Read and ponder the lesson for the day, and then INTEGRATE the lesson by taking action. Each task will help you accomplish these weekly goals. Get your FREE support by joining our private Facebook group.

Week 1:

Weekly Goal: 
To get clear on who YOU are.

Week 2:

Weekly Goal:
To heal the parts of your story that’s blocking your life of possibilities.

Week 3:

Weekly Goal:

To learn how to healthily and purposeful invite your right match.


The Key to an amazing relationship REVEALED!!!!


It took many failed attempts for me to finally understand the tool that would lift me from the proverbial bottom into my own loving relationship – LOVING ME. This LOVING ME challenge was designed straight from my heart for women who keep asking “How did you?” I want women to have these tools in a simple, customized format with FREE support. One that is proven! I have personally used them to CONSCIOUSLY INVITE my husband into my life and I have taught numerous women, – so why not YOU?

This 21-day challenge will invite you to play full out EVERY DAY! It may even invite you to look deeply at things hidden in your heart. I encourage you to open your heart and TRUST THE PROCESS – the best is yet to come ladies!



Meet Shakira

“Teach me, Lord, to straddle the worlds,” was my prayer for many years before I discovered Shadow work. By all appearances I had life figured out. I had the home, the master’s degree, the corporate job, the friends and sometimes boyfriend. Life looked good but it wasn’t feeling good. I found myself stuck, with a deep inner feeling of being alone and abandoned. I moved from one failed relationship to the next but I was searching. I was searching for something I couldn’t articulate at the time.


Divine Connection

In my heart, I felt connected to something great – Spirit, God, Guide, Love! Although I could feel the presence I could not translate it into my life. I couldn’t manifest the life I desired especially when it came to relationships. My attempts to fill the outer voids and satisfy my appetite came with the accumulation of things and people. As a lucid dreamer and astral traveler, my inner world got bigger each day while my outer world shrunk becoming depressing and disconnected, thus my prayer.   

It was during one of the crying sessions on the living room floor when my inner voice said “get up off the floor! I AM preparing you just the way I AM preparing my son.” I never cried over another relationship from that day on. My quest for straddling the worlds grew bigger. I wanted to experience the peace I felt on the inside on the outside too. Whatever dreams or instructions came I followed and my life began to transform.



My minister (who later became my spiritual partner and husband) sent me via email three websites to something called “coaching.” One of the sites belonged to The Ford Institute – Debbie Ford. After looking at the site my inner voice said: “this is it.” I later found myself, along with my minister, on a plane to San Diego to take part in the 3-day workshop, The Shadow Process. Life was never the same again.

The Shadow Process answered my prayer request and I immediately enrolled in the certification course and became a Certified Integrative Coach. Integrative Coaching is rooted in the understanding that we are 100% divine and 100% human. Each of us is an individual but also part of the whole and that the whole exists within every bit or part.

Fast- forward, with my answered prayer, tools in my toolbox, deep love and understanding of myself I was now ready to do as Spirit would have me do – GUIDE WOMEN to their own divine connection. This led to the formation of  I was now living from the inside – out, I was ready for my man and my man was ready for me!!!! (Yeah God!)

Here is some real talk with what I’m noticing on my journey. Many struggle with LOVE – whether some were running from or running towards LOVE, the growth opportunity is real. The deeper I listened and questioned, the more prevalent the absence of inner connection with self. That’s when I decided to heed the next instructions.


Follow Your Purpose

“Show me, Lord, how to help your people?”  Response “follow the purpose I have placed in your heart.” The LOVING ME challenge was designed straight from my heart for women who keep asking “How did you?” I want women to have these tools in a simple, customized format with FREE support. My purpose is simply this “to encourage transformation and inspire the divine connection in myself and others.”


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